Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Red Window Communications Founder Dedicated to Local Business’ Growth

By Amy Roberts, Ellis Counce and interns;;

Red Window Communications is an Oxford-based integrated marketing communications agency that helps businesses grow their marketing, online content, social media and brand awareness. The agency was founded in 2018 by Lucy Schultze, a former integrated marketing communications professor at the University of Mississippi.

Even though this seems like an incredibly unique and specific market, Schultze said she didn’t set out to create an agency.

Lucy Schultze is the founder of Red Window Communications. File photo.

“Everything has really grown in response to the needs of our clients,” Schultze said. “Particularly when you work with smart and entrepreneurial clients their projects tend to grow which means you need to grow in order to keep up. We want to be flexible and willing to push ourselves to be better so we can fit what our clients need.”

Red Window grew out of work that Schultze was doing as an independent contractor where she was being called on often to help businesses with press releases and online content. Her first work experience was as a journalist for the Oxford Eagle, the local newspaper, and her background in journalism provided an easy transition into integrated marketing communications which requires combining all promotional and communicational tools of a business in order to build brand awareness and identity. Originally, Schultze came to Oxford with her husband so he could pursue his law degree and planned to only stay for those three years, but that quickly changed.

“Oxford is very easy to fall in love with and I just think that it’s a remarkable place,” Schultze said.

As she began to immerse herself in Oxford, she quickly became invested and connected with the community. During her time working for the University of Mississippi, she began to notice the skills that her students possessed.

“I was teaching writing for IMC and kind of realized that some of my students were very talented and smart,” Schultze said.

Red Window now has a very collaborative relationship with the School of Journalism and New Media at Ole Miss. They take in student interns and have even hired a couple of former students. Schultze says that they are part of the culture of the agency. With every person who is added to their team, there is always something new to teach them and learn from them.

Members of the Red Window Communications Team (Left to Right)
Calyn Hoerner (Associate), Aleka Battista (Associate), Lucy Shultze (President) and Caitlyn Clegg (Associate). Photo provided.

“I have a lot to learn from everyone on our team,” Schultze said. “We all learn from each other and that’s how we grow.”

Red Window starts off by accessing what their clients’ goals are, whether that is starting from the ground up or helping out an already established business. Once those goals are put in place, they move on to plan how they will achieve them. For some, it is creating a design logo or a website, and for others, it could be creating new content for their social media. It does not matter if it is big or small, the Red Window team id dedicated to helping achieve any businesses’ goals.

Amy Pietrowski is an attorney based in Oxford at Pietrowski Law Practice. She has been using Red Window Communications to enhance her marketing and public relations and has achieved great results.

“I had been doing marketing on my own through various third parties, but didn’t see results until I worked with Red Window,” Pietrowski said. “I had invested lots of time and money in other companies over the years who were not coming through with what they promised, but Red Window was able to instantly.”

Pietrowski also writes a health and wellness column that is distributed to local media and can be found on

Red Window makes an effort to engage with its clients as much as possible. This ensures that they understand their clients, and can provide the best advice for the direction they should continue.

“We engage in a lot of interaction with our clients so that we can really be in sync with them and listen to them and learn from them,” Schultze said. “Our clients are the experts on what they do. It’s our job to hear it from their audience’s perspective and make that connection for them.”

“The other companies I worked with didn’t offer the one-on-one attention Red Window offers,” Pietrowski said. “If I ran into a problem, Red Window was immediately available to help me find the solution. I have even been able to email them after hours for help and they have been more than willing to assist.”

Red Window Communications continues to help Pietrowski’s firm and many other businesses in various fields of work from health care, to real estate and even local government. Their team is moble and available to work remotely at their client’s location, and can be reached through their website at

“They are very smart, creative, innovative and accessible and I have been extremely satisfied and would recommend them to anybody,” Pietrowski said. “They actually produce and you can see the results.”