Tuesday, November 28, 2023

UM Chancellor: ‘Hate, prejudice and racism do not have a place on our campus or in our society’

The University of Mississippi’s Chancellor Glenn Boyce issued a statement Sunday in regard to racism and change at the university, which includes moving the Confederate statue to the Confederate Cemetery on campus. Boyce did not mention the vandalism of the statue that took place on Saturday, resulting in the arrest of UM graduate, Zachary Borenstein.

Here is the letter:

“The tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor have evoked much anger, horror and disbelief. The confluence of events in recent weeks continue to tear apart the fabric of our country and impact our campus.

I am struck with profound sadness for the recurring cycle of tragic and senseless deaths, for the African-American and other minority members of our university community who are fearful, anxious and frustrated by the lack of real and sustained change, and for towns and cities across America that are experiencing violence and chaos. I stand with you in declaring that hate, prejudice and racism do not have a place on our campus or in our society.

We all recognize that this University has a difficult history with these issues that oftentimes places us at the forefront of complex and emotional discussions. We will not let our past stop us from working to make a better present and future for everyone on this campus. We must all be active participants on the journey of seeking solutions and inspiring the healing process.

This is a time for change. For me, that means moving the monument away from the center of our campus. That monument has divided this campus, and the process of its removal from the Circle is one I am committed to seeing through to completion. There is more to do, but this needs to happen.

Even as we continue to be separated physically because of the pandemic, there are many ways in which we can stay connected and support one another. Should you need additional support, please utilize the resources available to you as a member of our university community.

I pray for our university community as we work to move our world forward.”