Saturday, January 29, 2022

Ole Miss Football Rides in Style With New Equipment Truck

By Adam Brown
Sports Editor

The Ole Miss Rebels football team will soon be locking the gate inside the Vaught and other stadiums inside the SEC.

Ole Miss’ new equipment truck. Photo courtesy of Ole Miss football Twitter

Earlier this week, the Rebels received their new equipment truck and trailer from Jimmy Richards and KLLM Transport Services.

Athletic Director Keith Carter tweeted out on Tuesday a “big shoutout to @KLLMtransport, Jim Richards and the Duff Family for supporting @OleMissSports and helping @OleMissFB transport in style!”

KLLM has donated a new truck to the program for the last couple of seasons. This year is the first year for a new trailer.

“Mr. Jim Richards with KLLM,” said Ole Miss Head Equipment Manager Ken Crain. “They send us a new truck every year. This year is a new trailer.”

The football team previously used the same trailer for several seasons in a row, up until the football program recently lost a dear member, Equipment Driver Don Smith.

“We have had the same trailer for quite a while as we have had Mr. Don Smith drive it for us, and he passed away,” Crain said.

“Then Jim Murphy from KLLM took over for us. Chad Moore drives the equipment truck for the team now,” he said.

With KLLM, if you have a flat tire or need a replacement part while on the road, there are many places to take a KLLM vehicle for repairs.

“You have a piece of mind knowing that it is going to make it there,” Crain said.

Each year the equipment truck gets a brand new look selected by Micah Ginn, who is the Associate A.D. for Productions and Creative Services at KLLM. 

“Our in-house graphic designer, he and I always start by looking at trends and what all is out there,” Ginn said. What are other schools doing and other major athletic brands doing when it comes to aesthetic choices relative to sports? We followed that procedure and came up with a thing that we liked and I then shared it with Paris Buchanan over in marketing and he gave us a concept.”

“Buchanan came back and said I love what you guys are doing. Could we not look at going in this direction … He gave ideas about what he wanted to see on the side. We went back to the drawing board and trying different things until we all got excited about something that we thought would work,” he said.