Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Ole Miss’ Ryder Anderson Returns for Senior Season After Knee Injury

By Adam Brown
Sports Editor

Ole Miss senior defensive end Ryder Anderson looks forward to returning to action this fall after a recovering from a season-ending knee injury in 2019.

Anderson returned to Oxford stronger than ever and ready to continue his production on the gridiron. Prior to going down with the injury at Alabama, Anderson padded the stats book with eight solo tackles and six assists.

Ryder Anderson making a tackle. Photo courtesy of Ole Miss Sports

“I’m feeling great. I had the knee injury. I’m feeling 100 percent back from that,” Anderson said. “It’s already been tested. I’m confident in it now. I’ve had that first those times where you don’t know (if it’s fully healed). I’ve already pushed through all of that.”

Anderson feels comfortable playing in several positions up front as Assistant Coach Deke Adams focuses on strengthening the Landshark defensive line.

“Camp has been going great,” Anderson said. “I’ve been playing some tackle, some three, some two, and then I’ve also started getting some reps at end as well— five tech, six tech. Just moving around and just trying to play whatever the team needs me to play…I’m just trying to be whatever they need me to be, trying to be a leader, trying to bring some of the young guys along.”

The Ole Miss coaching staff recently introduced its third new defensive coordinator in three years. The two previous coordinators also put a special focus on technique. 

“They did a great job,” Anderson said. “I am really comfortable and confident with the coaching staff and the players this year. It just feels like everyone is on the same page and we’re receiving the coaching a lot better this year.”

This season, it will be especially important for Anderson to act as a mentor for younger members of the D-line such as Brandon Mack, Demon Clowney and Tavius Robinson as the Rebels anticipate needing to substitute players at times.  

“The players are starting to buy into it more this year. I feel really comfortable with the guys we have right now,” Anderson said. “There’s nothing wrong with the schemes that we ran in the past. At the end of the day, it comes down to the players executing. As a team, we didn’t execute. But this year, I feel like we’re buying in and we’re ready to execute. It feels like everyone is on the same page, and we’re receiving the coaching a lot better.”