Wednesday, September 30, 2020

A.J. Finley Returns to Practice After Recovering From COVID-19

By Adam Brown
Sports Editor

Ole Miss defensive back A.J. Finley is looking forward to playing his sophomore campaign with the Landshark defense inside the Vaught.

This year’s training camp was by no means easy for Finley, who missed practice time due to testing positive for COVID-19.

“(Being) out puts a strain on guys, making people have to work harder,” Finley said. “I had to really focus on getting back in shape.”

Players that have the virus are able to watch film and stay connected through Zoom for the two week period while they recover.

“Basically you sit at home, watch film and join the meetings through Zoom,” Finley said.

There are certain protocols that must be followed before a player rejoins normal team activities.

“We sit out 14 days and do blood work and stuff for our heart to make sure that we are good,” Finley said. “When we get back to practice we have to go through this revaluation stage. We have to condition and stuff to get back into practice.”

“I am glad that I don’t have to get tested for the next three months,” he said. “With the heart stuff, we were not allowed to do cardio while at home.”

As a freshman, the Mobile Ala. native played in all 12 games as a backup defensive back and on special teams for the red and blue. Finley recorded 16 tackles with two tackles for loss. On special teams, he added two fumble recoveries to the stat column. 

“Experenice helps, coming into this year I just want to compete and get better,” Finley said.