Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Mr. and Miss Ole Miss, Homecoming King and Queen Winners 2020

The results are in, and the winners are…

Miss Ole Miss – Lilli Gordon (52.95%)

Mr. Ole MissCade Slaughter (58.48%)

Homecoming Queen – Lucy Williams (66.89%)

Homecoming King- Deterrian Jones (97.68%)

Homecoming Maids and Campus Favorites:

Freshman Maid- Ruthie Jenkins

Sophomore Maid- Emison Geiger

Junior Maid- Tallulah Jones

Senior Maid- Bella Garofalo

Female Campus Favorites- Olivia Fox, Olivia Stokes, Avery Sadler, Courtney Zeidner, Shelby D’Amico

Male Campus Favorites- Austin Newcomb, Land Teller, Manuel Franco, Mister Clemmones, Kam’ron Bracey

Check out the platforms the winners ran with in 2020:

Lilli Gordon

Cade Slaughter

Lucy Williams

Deterrian Jones

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