Sunday, January 29, 2023

Oxford Businesses: Where to Get Pampered in a Pandemic

By Kate Abraham, Emma Webb, Olivia Settlemires, Susannah Eidt
IMC students

During this extremely unprecedented and unpredictable time, detrimental tolls are being taken on the bodies and minds of many. All of the uncertainty in the world can bring much anxiety and worry, which is damaging to mental and physical health. It is always important to care for yourself and your body and to give it the care and rest that it needs. During a stressful pandemic, these needs are more prevalent than ever.

Oxford, MS has many businesses that promote self-care and provide products and services that can aid in this process. From massages, manicures, facials, counseling, skincare, exercise and more, the range of ways to better your health and bring solitude during this time is vast.

One enjoyable and easy way to have some time to yourself and to regroup is by getting a facial. This relaxing activity offers a multitude of benefits. The dreaded “maskne” (acne due to the wearing of masks) that many are experiencing can be resolved due to the treatment as well as bringing back life to your face. La Rousse Salon and Spa offers facials, among many other spa services.

Facials are found to be stress relieving and can help reduce migraines while also improving the quality of your skin by cleansing your pores. La Rousse Salon also offers lash services. Many college women enjoy pampering themselves by getting a lash treatment that gives your lashes a fuller, longer look.

Another popular activity among college-aged girls is getting a manicure and pedicure. Many businesses offer this service around town, and it tends to be on the more affordable side, attracting more college students.

“They make me feel more put together, and it is always so refreshing to get manicures and pedicures. During such stressful times, it is a good way for me to relax from the fast pace of life,” said Anne Daniel Embry, a junior at the University of Mississippi.

This is a quick way to find an escape from the stress of life during COVID-19, as it usually takes around an hour out of your day. It can be a great study break and stress reliever from the strain of online classes, not to mention it provides necessary attention to your hands and feet, which undergo much stress and strain on a daily basis.

A newly opened med-spa on the Square, SKIN, has quickly gained much popularity due to their large selection of skincare products and services. SKIN Esthetician, Lisa Dyer, said that she is “amazed at the volume of younger people taking care of their skin and developing healthy habits during this time.”

It’s become painfully apparent that many things are out of our control. When asked how skin and self-care affects mental and physical health, Dyer said it can have a tremendously positive effect since it’s “something you have control over,” and it can be “refreshing.” SKIN offers many products to cater to this need as well as consultations and services to answer any and all questions pertaining to proper skincare. Some of their services include facials, micro-needling, LED light therapy, brow and lash lifts, lash extensions, chemical peels, and more.

Another business that caters to self-care needs in Oxford is Amy Head Cosmetics. In the past few months, the store has really begun to emphasize and promote their products that benefit the skin, body, and well-being all at once.

“Self-care is very important to Amy Head Cosmetics,” said manager Claire Wright. “Self-care is about loving and respecting yourself enough to take care of your complete wellbeing.”

The shop features various products that cater to self-care, such as bath salts, migraine masks, candles, multivitamins, and much more.