Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Supervisors Tell Property Owners on CR 5057 to Clean Up or Pay

Lafayette County has given a landowner 30 days to clean up property at 9 CR 5057. Photo provided by Joel Hollowell

The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors is giving two landowners 30 days to clean up lots that have been deemed a menace to the public’s health, safety and welfare.

The two lots are located on County Road 5057 in Harmontown in the Holiday Hills Subdivision, commonly known as Beech Bluff Resort.

The first property, at 9 CR 5057, has been abandoned for about six months, according to Building Official Joel Hollowell.

“There are a lot of containers holding water, which breeds mosquitoes,” Hollowell told the Board of Supervisors Monday morning during their regular meeting. “The biggest issue is that the owners were actually living in a refrigerated van trailer, and they set the trailer up on a hill so the axels are on a slope and it’s up on concrete blocks.”

Hollowell said erosion has caused the trailer to be unstable.

“We feel this an extremely dangerous situation and could be a rollover,” he said. “There are a lot of children who play in the area.”

Just down the road at 22 CR 5057, Hollowell presented a second property (also abandoned) that is littered with old vehicles.

Old vehicles and other items at 22 CR 5057 are being used as target practice. Photo provided by Joel Hollowell

“They’re just being used as target practice,” Hollowell said. “There are bullet holes in just about everything down there.”

There is also an old RV on the property that isn’t secure, and the door is open.

“I’m certain children as they pass by are playing in this thing,” he said.

The Board voted to give both owners 30 days to clean up the property. Should the landowners fail to comply, the Supervisors could vote to have county workers clean up the properties and then place a lien on the properties to cover cleaning costs.