Saturday, May 21, 2022

Antonow, Worley Clear Winners After Absentee Count

While 6,500 absentee ballots have shown clear winners in some local elections, a couple of races are still too close to call with additional 400-plus affidavit ballots still being counted this morning.

Lafayette County Circuit Court Clerk staff and the Resolution Board stayed up until 4 a.m. counting the absentee votes.

In the race for Election Commission District 3, incumbent Lola Pearson had 51.35% of the vote while her challenger, Philip Carpenter had 48.50%. Pearson leads with 157 votes.

However, the race for District 4 Election Commission was not as close.

Laura Antonow has 63.85 percent of the voted against Tony Halcin who had 35.54% of the votes, making Antonow the clear winner.

Laura Antonow

“Thank you to all who encouraged me, contributed to the campaign, helped with logistics, and – most of all – those who cast a vote for me,” Antonow said on her campaign page this morning. “I pledge to serve with honesty, integrity, and fairness and to ensure that the voters of District 4 can have confidence that their votes will be counted.”

The affidavits will likely decide the race for School Board District 1 seat. As of this morning, Jamie Anderson was in the lead with 38.62% of the votes; however, Gary Lee “Chick” Drewrey was close behind with 31.18%. They are just 145 votes apart.

It appears that Kathy Babb Worley won the School Board District 5 race against Bill McGregor. Worley has 57.86 percent of the votes while McGregor had 41.91%.

Supreme Court Justice Josiah Coleman

With 94% of the precincts reporting in the MS Supreme Court District 3 race, Incumbent Supreme Court Justice Josiah Coleman has garnered 63% of the votes against challenger Chancery Court Judge Percy Lynchard Jr.

Lafayette County will also have a new constable in the Central District.

Kenneth Drewrey toppled incumbent Chris “Snuffy” Smith taking 55.72% of the votes while Smith earned 43.37% of the votes.

The numbers below reflect only how Lafayette County citizens voted in all races.

U.S. President

Joe Biden (D) 9,919

Donald Trump (R) 12,801

Don Blankenship (AC) 15

Brian Carroll (AS) 28

Phil Collins (Ind.) 13

Howie Hawkins (Green) 39

Jo Jorgensen (Lib.) 240

Brock Pierce (Ind.) 8

Kanye West (Ind.) 51

U.S. Senate

Mike Epsy (D) 10,636

Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) 11,994

Jimmy Edwards (Lib) 427

U.S. House of Rep. 1st Congressional District

Antonia Eliason (D) 8,993

Trent Kelly (R) 13,783

Supreme Court Justice District 3

Josiah Coleman (nonpartisan) 13,063

Percy Lynchard (nonpartisan) 6,626

Special Election: Constable Central

Kenneth Drewrey (Ind.) 3,447

Chris “Snuffy” Smith (Ind.) 2,683

Election Commission

District 3

Philip Carpenter (R) 2,674

Lola Pearson (Ind.) 2,831

District 4

Laura Antonow (Ind.) 2,716

Tony Halcin (Ind.) 1,512

School Board

Seat 1

Jamie Anderson 752

Andrew Bilbo 384

Gary Lee “Chick” Drewrey 607

Steven Treloar 197

Seat 5

Kathy Babb Worley 1,019

William “Bill” McGregor 738

Ballot Measure 1: Medical Marijuana

For approval: 15,633

Against Both: 6,237

Initiative 65: 13,558

Alternate 65A: 5,298

Measure 2: House concurrent resolution

Yes: 18,169

No 3,865

Measure 3: State Flag

Yes: 18,313

No: 4,464