Tuesday, May 17, 2022

St. Peter’s to Lose Parking Lot, Gain New Building

Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church. Image via Google Earth.

The west side of the downtown Square will soon look a little different with new changes to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

The church recently received approval for its site plan to modify the existing building and construct an addition that will take up the parking lot located on the east side of the church.

The new addition will be 8,700-square feet. The plans propose to close the exit drive onto Jackson Avenue East and to construct a semi-circular driveway off Van Buren Avenue.

Image from the site plan on the city of Oxford’s website.

Two metered parking spaces on Van Buren will be relocated to Jackson Avenue East and the church will restripe the new spaces as parallel spaces to match the existing spaces along the street.

The addition of the new building will only allow for a few parking spaces at the church.

City Engineer Reanna Mayoral said the church will utilize mostly on-street parking and the downtown parking garage or other off-street parking lots.

Earlier this year, the Downtown Parking Advisory Commission approved the church’s plans to relocate the two parking spaces.