Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Snacks and Gifts Donated to Vaccination Site

National Guardsmen helped unload dozens of bags of donations Thursday morning. Photos provided by the Oxford-Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

Local residents donated enough snacks, hand warmers and other items to the National Guardsmen and medical personnel who are helping with the COVID-19 vaccinations at the National Guard Armory in Oxford to fill two vehicles.

Last week, Oxford-Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and EDF president and CEO Jon Maynard arrived at the Armory, located next to the Oxford Conference Center, to get his own vaccination.

“I saw great people, in the cold wind, working efficiently for the benefit of our community to make a huge difference,” Maynard said Thursday.

Maynard called Chamber vice president Pam Swain and the two organized a 48-hour Plash Drive asking the community to donate snacks, water, hand warmers and hot chocolate packs for those working at the Armory.

Two SUVs arrived at the National Guard Armory Thursday filled with snacks, drinks and other gifts for the Guardsmen and medical personnel working at the vaccination shot.

“The Oxford community responded with two SUVs full of treats for the workers in the vaccine line,” Maynard said.

The drive started Monday morning and ended Wednesday morning. The treats and donations were delivered to the Armory Thursday morning.

Although the Chamber’s Plash Drive has ended, Maynard asked that the community continue their generosity towards those working at the Armory.

“The pandemic is far from over – the vaccine line will still be operating for quite a while,” he said. “Please don’t stop taking your kind gifts to them. Hand warmers, drinks, snacks, hot chocolate and kind words are all appreciated.”