Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Know Before You Go, Oxford Road Conditions Update

Mississippi Department of Transportation traffic cameras offer a view of road conditions on Jackson Avenue east of Heritage Drive.

8:54 a.m. FRIDAY UPDATE — Scroll down to view live traffic cameras.

Local law enforcement and rescue personnel are continuing to ask people to stay home this morning, if at all possible. The Mississippi Department of Transportation is warning that sub-zero temperatures will be causing roadways and bridges to repeatedly refreeze each night.

In Oxford, 9th Street has been closed since Thursday and OPD reminded residents that it’s already been a long week for road crews.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation has more than a dozen cameras located around the city. Sites include:

Jackson Avenue at College Hill
Jackson Avenue at Fraternity Row
Jackson Avenue at Heritage Drive
MS 6 at Jackson Avenue
MS 6 at Thacker Heights Drive
MS 7 at University Avenue
University at Lamar Boulevard

Earlier this week, the Lafayette County Fire Department posted this advice on winter driving from AAA for anyone who must travel.