Saturday, April 17, 2021

Empty Shelves, Soup and Sledding are Snow Day Staples

Contributed by UM Journalism Student Sarah Gail Myers

Oxford has experienced its first snow day of the year. More than 2 inches of snow and sleet has covered the city since Valentine’s Day and more is currently falling.

Customers at Kroger Grocery Store in Oxford are still buying Valentine’s Day presents during the winter storm warning. 

Multiple stores in Oxford are running out of stock of necessary items. Customers who come in later are having a harder time stocking up on items they need. 

Two Ole Miss Students make the most out of a day off by sledding down a hill on the university’s campus. Despite the cold weather, students and locals in the weather are having fun. No injuries occurred in this image.

University of Mississippi students gather in the Grove to celebrate the day off of school. In the midst of the pandemic, not enough people had their masks on but the university or city police did not fine or arrest anyone in the Grove. 

Cars are covered in snow in Oxford. Some are not even starting because of the freezing temperatures.

KC Swaim, alumni of the University of Mississippi, stocks up on groceries because of the winter storm threatening the area. 

The bars on the Square are still opened and still hitting capacity. This is customers in Funky’s, most of them drinking cold daiquiris despite the freezing temperatures. 

Cashiers at local grocery stores discuss how busy the stores have been even during a snow storm. Customers are stocking up on warm foods and essentials for the upcoming shutdown.

Students walk in blankets across the storm to get to their friends’ houses.

Soups and other warm foods are a staple in this snow storm.