Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Oxford Residents Find Some Snow Fun

Contributed by UM Journalism Student Jane Rob Pannell

For some in the Oxford area, the winter weather has brought new experiences along with travel troubles, broken pipes and canceled events.

At the Arbors of the Park apartment complex, getting out of the parking lot took a little something extra. Residents had to work together to get moving.

Getting around on foot wasn’t always easy either. UM students Allie Hunter (left) and
Deren Meek (right) were enjoying the snow moments before they took a tumble on
the slippery surface.

There were some creative approaches to sledding out there. Emily Lineburger looks on as other students prepare to sled on a couch pulled behind a truck as snowflakes fell.

And what fun! For Baylee Patrick it was a chance to make her first ever snow angel.