Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Lafayette Supervisors Approve 4-Year Road Plan

Lafayette County Board of Supervisors approved a four-year plan to improve dozens of county roads.

The plan, presented Monday to the Board by Road Manager Joe Bynum, includes about 25 roads per year – from 2021-2024.

Some roads will be leveled and re-sealed, while others will get a new layer of hot mix asphalt. A few roads will be “micro sealed”, which includes using a mix of water, asphalt, small crushed rocks and chemicals to help protect the road surface.

Each year, the Board approves a four-year plan that can change from year to year depending on whether a road has deteriorated quicker than expected. Harsh weather conditions, such as the snow and ice Lafayette County experienced last week, can often create cracks and potholes, resulting in certain roads receiving a priority spot on the list.

Below is the four-year road plan approved by the Board on Monday: