Monday, May 16, 2022

How OxfordSip Was Able to Stay Open During the Pandemic

Mallori Baker/Journalism Student

As the pandemic shutdown anniversary is upon us, many businesses are returning to normal. 

While some businesses were initially forced to close their doors, OxfordSip, a nutrition store, was deemed an essential business and was able to stay open during the pandemic.

 “We thought we might have to, but we never ended up having to shut down the store because we were deemed an essential business,” store manager Katie Giovani said.

“Originally, our sales were down because no one was leaving their houses or anything because of COVID. Sales have been higher now compared to last year which is really nice,” Giovani said.

Throughout the pandemic, OxfordSip made small changes to its business model in order to accommodate all customers. The store added options like curbside pick-up for those who felt uncomfortable going in the store.

With the correct safety procedures being taken and the curbside option being offered, at least one student felt safe supporting this local business.

“I still came to Sip during COVID because they took precautions, and they were all wearing a mask, and I was wearing a mask, so I didn’t see why I wouldn’t,” Ole Miss student Allie Hardy said. is attempting to keep an updated list of Oxford businesses still requiring a face covering. Click here for the current list.

Video courtesy of Mallori Baker.