Saturday, May 28, 2022

Oxford Restaurant Keeps Masks Rules for Staff Despite State Changing Rules

Caroline Helms/Journalism Student

Even after Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves lifted the statewide mask mandate, the local restaurant Southern Craft decided its staff would remain masked up.

“We came together as a staff and a team and talked about it and we just feel like our staff is going to continue to wear the masks,” Southern Craft Executive Chef Bubba Gross said.

Although masks are no longer required for customers, Gross encourages them. The restaurant also does not plan on operating at 100% capacity anytime soon.

“At the end of the day, we want our guests to feel comfortable. We ask everyone to be respectful of one another,” Gross said.

Gross described 2020 as the toughest year of his culinary life. But now being three months into 2021, things are looking up for the restaurant’s future.

“2021 has really been a turn-around, the numbers show a lot of increase it’s not back to where it was but it’s very promising,” Gross said.

Ole Miss student Carley Crosby is excited for restaurants to begin going back to normal, but is appreciative of restaurants like Southern Craft whose staff are continuing to take safety precautions.

“It does make me feel comfortable that the staff is wearing them (masks) while making our food,” Crosby said.

Overall, restaurants like Southern Craft are trying to transition back to being as normal as they can while still being safe.