Saturday, May 28, 2022

Oxford Businesses Protect Customers and Employees Without Mask Mandate

The Lily Pad boutique, on the Square in Oxford, MISS.

SG Myers/Journalism Student

Stores and other businesses in Oxford are revising their protection plans for themselves and their customers after the city lifted its COVID regulations on March 8.

Employees at the Lily Pad boutique on the Square are trying to figure out what relaxed COVID-19 rules should mean for their daily operations.

“We highly recommend that you wear a mask and we encourage it as a staff. We still wear a mask for the safety of our customers and for us as employees, but we just encourage that everybody wears masks, but we won’t enforce it,” said Rachel Spragins.

However, it is not just boutiques making adjustments. With the regulations lifted, local businesses are able to open at full capacity. This means that local bars will be able to have big crowds in small areas, some can even hold more than 300 people at one time.

Although many people are enjoying these new freedoms, some are not quite ready to jump into these crowded spaces.

“I don’t really agree with being in a crowded place right now. Still trying to be a little careful, ” said Lanelle Payne, local Oxford resident and school teacher. “I understand everybody wants to get out and get back to normal, but I don’t know if it’s quite time.”

Even college students are hesitant.

“Really, it’s everybody’s personal decision. I like to be careful just because I see my family a lot, and I do work here and I realized that a lot of our customers are older and we don’t want to get anybody sick or be the cause of anybody getting any virus,” Spragins said.

Each business on the Square is posting their new regulations to their websites and social media so that customers can be prepared before walking in.