Thursday, May 26, 2022

Office Depot in Oxford to Close May 15

Oxford’s Office Depot is one of 90 Office Depot stores set to close this year.

The store has started its going-out-of-business sales and marking down its prices to sell out the store before it closes its doors for the last time on May 15.

The Office Depot in Oxford has begun its going-out-of-business sales. Photo by Jesse Schnugg.

Currently, everything in the store is up to 30% off. The discounted prices will increase over the next several weeks until the inventory is gone, according to a sales associate who answered the phone this morning. No new stock will be added to the store’s inventory.

Office Depot has been regularly closing stores in recent months.

In May, the company announced it planned to lay off 13,100 employees and close an unspecified number of stores and distribution facilities by 2023.

The company later said it would close 90 stores by 2021, on top of 55 stores it closed in 2020.

The company said it would be focusing on business-to-business online sales, and that the remaining brick-and-mortar stores would account for about 20% of sales.