Sunday, April 2, 2023

Incoming Superintendent Listens to Suggestions, Concerns During Community Meeting

Oxford School District’s incoming Superintendent Bradley Roberson held a community Zoom meeting Monday night to discuss a variety of topics with parents, students and other concerned citizens.

The meeting, dubbed “Community Conversations,” lasted about an hour and a half and was the first of two such meetings planned for this week.

A second Zoom meeting is set for 6 p.m. on Thursday.

Those attending the meeting were encouraged to make comments and suggestions on topics that included Standards-Based Learning, Technology, the Achievement Gap and future COVID-19 protocols.

Roberson was named as the new superintendent for the district in March after current Superintendent Brian Harvey announced he would be retiring in June. Roberson will take over as superintendent on July 1.

During the meeting, Roberson said he will consider holding similar community meetings throughout the school year.

“I truly value the opinions of our community,” Roberson said after the meeting.

Those attending the Zoom meeting were given a list of possible talking points.

One of the main concerns voiced by parents during the meeting concerned the district’s Standards Based Learning, which was implemented about three years ago. One parent felt the use of SBL encouraged the “dumbing down” of high-achieving students in order to close the district’s achievement gap.

Others expressed concerns about the lack of homework given to students in the third-sixth grades; too much screen time; and the lasting effects of COVID-19 mandates on students.

Others praised the OSD teachers and counselors for their hard work, and one parent praised the district’s gifted program.

Robinson said he wasn’t surprised by the comments because he’s been asking for feedback since he was named incoming superintendent last month.

“I have already begun working on resolving some of the issues mentioned,” he said.

To access the Community Conversation meeting on Thursday, click here for the Zoom link.

For more information, call the OSD at 662-234-3541.