Saturday, March 25, 2023

UM Student Organizations Will Keep Some COVID-19 Policies

By Jordan Majersky/Journalism Student

An SAA booth hosts activities outside of the Ole Miss Student Union. Photo courtesy of Jordan Majersky.

Normally, student organizations can be seen all around campus. However, in the unprecedented time of COVID-19, the last academic year has looked very different.

Jordain Lang of the Student Activities Association said it has been both a challenge and a successful time for the organization.

“In terms of how it affected our student organization, it really just pretty much rocked everything that we did, making sure people are following social distancing guidelines and just managing crowds in general.”

Although it was sometimes a struggle, Lang said there are some improvements brought about by COVID-19 that will remain for years to come.

“One thing that I know will stick around is our event management features that we put in place,” Lang said. “This allows us to trace how many people had been to our event, who those people were; and you know where they lived on campus and what their email address was.”

While attendance data may not be necessary for contact tracing in the future, this data can still be used to reach out to students and ask them about their experience at SAA events.

One student looking forward to this is Annabelle Rowland, a sophomore who has attended several SAA events in the past two years.

“I attended silent disco last year in the Grove and had lots of fun, and I was hoping to be able to do it again this year, and with social distancing and wearing masks I was able to attend,” Rowland said.