Thursday, March 30, 2023

Oxford School Board Grants Teachers $1K Pay Raise

Teachers in the Oxford School District will start the new school year off in August earning an additional $1,000 a year.

On Monday during the OSD Board of Trustees regular board meeting, incoming Superintendent Bradley Roberson requested a $1,000 pay increase for all teachers.

In his written request to the Board, Robinson said Oxford teachers went above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic, having to teach students both in-person and virtually since August.

“Educators across the country were asked to conduct major shifts in their practices at a moment’s notice,” Roberson wrote. “I would contend our teachers in the Oxford School District did it better than most.”

The Mississippi Legislature approved a $1,000 pay increase for teachers during its March session. The $1,000 approved Monday by the OSD board members will be in addition to the raise granted by Legislators.

According to data from the Mississippi Department of Education in 2019-20, the increase approved Monday will move the average salary for Oxford teachers up to be the fourth highest in the state.

“As the incoming superintendent, I certainly believe our teachers deserve this and so much more,” Roberson said. “They have been the backbone that held our school system together while we navigated the educational journey of young people through a global pandemic.”

The Board passed the pay increase unanimously.