Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Oxford Sales Taxes Hit ‘Record High’

More than $1 million in sales taxes was collected in Oxford during the month of April.

Mayor Robyn Tannehill announced the sales and tourism taxes collected in April last week during the Oxford Board of Aldermen’s regular meeting.

Along with sales taxes, the city also collects a 2 percent food and beverage and hotel/motel tax, sometimes referred to as the tourism taxes.

“We are so excited to report that all three taxes are up from last month and the same month last year,” she said.

The Mississippi Department of Revenue releases the tax numbers about two months behind.

In April, the city collected $1,089,614, which was 3 percent more than in March and 79 percent higher than in April 2020. Tannehill said it was a “record month” for the sales tax.

Also in April, the 2 percent food and beverage tax brought in $387,876 – up 2 percent from March and 79 percent from April 2020 and the hotel/motel tax brought in $48,215 – up 34 percent from March and 347 percent from April 2020.

Tannehill said all three taxes were up from 2019 as well.

“Oxford is open for business,” she said. “I’m so proud of our community. I’m so thrilled for our businesses that everything is getting back on track.”