Monday, March 27, 2023

Ride-Share Parking Proposal ‘Paused’ for Now

The vote on a proposed ordinance that would have created assigned parking areas off the Square for ride-share drivers has been postponed.

The Oxford Board of Aldermen held a public hearing on June 15 where several taxi and Uber drivers spoke out against the proposed ordinance. A third reading and vote were expected at the board’s next regular meeting on July 6.

Neither the third reading nor the vote happened last week.

Director of Special Projects Mark Levy said the third reading has been “paused.”

“We are doing some more research before proceeding,” he told Tuesday.

The two pickup areas were proposed to be on the side of the downtown parking garage and on 14th Street. All taxis, ride-share drivers and even designated drivers would have been required to park in one of those two areas to await their riders.

The new pickup areas would have also replaced any current cab parking spaces allocated on the Square.

Mayor Robyn Tannehill said the idea for the designated pickup areas came after the city received several complaints about people getting into cabs and ride-share cars in the middle of the street and backing up traffic.

However, the ride-share drivers speaking at the June 15 meeting said forcing people under the influence of alcohol to walk several blocks to get a ride could be dangerous and that some may make the decision to drive rather than walk to get a ride.