Tuesday, August 16, 2022

First-term Oxford Alderman Brian Hyneman Settles in to Role

By Lada Stauter

Journalism Student

Brian Hyneman Photo courtesy of hynemanforward3.com

Brian Hyneman, Oxford’s only first-term alderman this election cycle, has made it his mission to be a voice for the city he loves and cares about the most.

Hyneman was inspired by his father’s role as mayor of Grenada, his hometown growing up, and by his wife Amanda, who has lived in Oxford her entire life. 

It was because of Oxford and these people that Hyneman decided to run for Ward 3 of the Oxford Board of Aldermen.

“She loves Oxford more than anyone I know,” Hyneman said of Amanda, “and without her support, I would not have been able to run.”

Hyneman made it clear that he believes it is important to give back to his community and maintain Oxford’s friendly reputation while helping it improve to be a national destination for families and retirees. 

Hyneman now serves on the board of seven Oxford citizens where he “proudly” represents the people of Ward 3.

Hyneman was sworn in with many goals he is eager to accomplish for the Oxford community. His goals include managing the growth of Oxford and providing new opportunities for lower-income residents to afford to live.

“My main goal is to be a good steward of the citizen tax money and serve my Ward in a respectful and transparent manner,” he said.

Hyneman feels prepared to take on this new role as Oxford’s Ward 3 Alderman that his community elected him for, but it is still a little overwhelming for the newest sworn-in alderman of the city. He said that less than a week after he had been sworn in, he was already sitting in meetings that discussed the future of Oxford’s budgets. 

Because he is the newest member of the council, Hyneman knew the other aldermen had more experience and leaned on one other to resolve certain issues. 

“It is something the members have done each year for four years, and I can tell that those currently serving depend on one another for guidance as to particular issues,” he said. “It is up to me to earn the confidence and trust of the current members, which I believe I can do quickly.” 

Hyneman plans to keep the people of his ward informed of the actions taken by the board and how it affects them. This is what made Hyneman feel he is the best fit for this position. 

Hyneman is driven to update those living in his ward and work hard to make Oxford the go-to destination for tourists and locals.

“This is important as an informed citizen is more engaged and more involved in the community,” he said. “Citizen involvement strengthens any community.”

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