Saturday, April 1, 2023

What Not To Do – Grove Edition

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Brandon Mason, owner of the tailgating vendor Take It to the Grove, says “there’s no wrong way to Grove – it’s you, it’s your family, it’s your friends. Doing it wrong would be not coming at all.”

While this is true, here are a few things to highlight that could potentially make or break your entire tailgate.

  1. “Don’t not have a tent”

Take It to the Grove says having a tent is an absolute must, and you can’t experience the full extent of a Grove Day without one. While the Grove is known for holding an overwhelming amount of southern hospitality, it’s not necessarily a good idea to rely on it. Having your own tent is very important. Connecting with a credible tailgating vendor that can take care of these needs is a must, but don’t wait too late to book it!

  1. Don’t be late

Be aware of the game-day schedule. If kick-off is at 6 pm, Walk of Champions is always at 3 pm. This is something you cannot miss when being in the Grove for a football game, so being aware of the schedule is critical.

  1. Don’t forget your parking pass

It is common for visitors to forget to buy their parking passes. Once game-day festivities begin, roads close, and parking passes are required. So don’t forget!

The experiences and memories that come with game days in Oxford are things you won’t get anywhere else. It is necessary that everyone get this to the fullest extent, and knowing all the do’s and don’ts will determine that.