Thursday, January 26, 2023

Carleigh’s Corner: Fall Begins at Ole Miss

By: Carleigh Holt Intern

Fall is finally here with football games, pumpkin spice lattes and midterm tests. Autumn scenery is starting to show on campus around the Lyceum, and the Grove again has trash can Fridays. 

People are saying they are so happy to be back to “normal” after a long break of COVID guidelines.

Last week I felt a slight breeze and quickly brought out an Ole Miss hoodie with shorts.  As I walked to class, I observed that this outfit is the fashion among girls my age during the fall. Another sign of the season: Homecoming candidates  in front of the union who were eager to give me a sticker with their slogan on it.

Last week was the start of exams and some midterms for some students. I had two exams back-to-back, and I was a little stressed with both being the first exams in both classes. I did not know what to expect on how the tests would be formatted and just how hard the tests would be overall. I forgot how awkward the silence was being in a room full of people typing on their computers or one person coughing uncontrollably while you are trying to take a test.

After my tests were done, I went to a coffee shop to have my first pumpkin spice frappe to see what all the hype was about. Many consider pumpkin spice flavoring the signal that fall has officially begun. I enjoyed the drink in comfort since the test anxiety was over for the week.

I was happy to know that I got a break with Ole Miss having a bye week to prepare for Alabama. It is fun being on the sidelines as a photographer, but sometimes everybody needs a break to watch their favorite shows on the weekend.

Carleigh Holt and Damien Harbin enjoying drinks from a coffee shop