Wednesday, October 20, 2021

As I See it: Imagine: “A world full of peace”

By Iqra Saeed

Cultural Exchange Student

Iqra Saed Photo provided

Why does one person loathe another? Why do people fight in the name of religion? Why do people discriminate based on gender, color and race? Why do people create the environment of war to bring peace? Why does one person live in luxury while others die because they do not have penny to feed themselves once a day?

These questions arise in my mind every time I see the people in countries that have been in war and have died due to the effects of it. They also arise when I meet Black people who say that they are still facing discrimination.

Then I think that we are all humans. Why must we do this? Why must we hurt others? I go to my Alice in Wonderland world and start imagining what the world could be like. 

When I use my imagination, I see a world full of peace and no disputes, not only among ordinary people but also among politicians. I imagine a world where those politicians are doing their best to uplift the condition of their people regardless of whether they are citizens. I imagine a country where subjects can participate in state affairs according to the definition of democracy. I imagine a world where there is no child labor.

I imagine a world where countries help each other with pure heart. Where countries make alliances against those countries that overpower weaker ones. Where all people have a right to live and educate themselves. I imagine a world where people live for others, not just themselves

I imagine a world where there is no discrimination or nepotism, where only talent speaks. Finally, I imagine a state where there is just peace, love, kindness and humanity.

Imagination helps a person escape from the present. It’s a tool that every person uses, because people want to see themselves in a better and new position. Imagination of each person can’t be identical. Some use this tool to motivate themselves. Some imagine their future. Some see themselves as an affluent member of society.

What do you imagine? What purposes do you use this tool for?

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