Friday, June 9, 2023

COVID-19 Relaxing its Grip on Lafayette County

By Alyssa Schnugg

News editor

Recent data shows that COVID-19 just might finally be letting go of its grip on Oxford.

“We have five people in the hospital with Covid, with one in the ICU,” said Mayor Robyn Tannehill Tuesday during the Oxford Board of Aldermen meeting. “This time last month, we had 56 in the hospital. So, things are progressing really well.”

Tannehill said the city will continue to post daily updates on hospitalizations; however, after data from the Mississippi State Department of Health has become less frequent, the city won’t be posting daily case numbers on social media. It will continue to post the data received by the MSDH on the city’s website.

“With many people doing home testing, or not testing, and the (Mississippi State) Department of Health being very sporadic in when they enter information and report it … we don’t believe that’s giving us really useful information anymore.”

On Monday, the MSDH reported 74 new cases in Lafayette County when the daily new case count has been ranging from around four to seven for the last week or so. Today, MSDH reported four new cases for the county.

COVID-19 cases in area schools have also continued to decline again this week.

The Oxford School District reported seven cases from Oct. 11-17, with one teacher and six students testing positive. There are currently 13 students in quarantine.

The Lafayette County School district reported no new cases Oct. 11-15. There are 46 students currently quarantined from being exposed the week prior.

At the University of Mississippi, three new cases were reported in the last seven days. There are four active cases on campus.