Monday, December 6, 2021

Oxford Law Firm Mayo Mallette Opens New Jackson Office

For more than 20 years, Oxford-based law firm Mayo Mallette has served clients throughout Mississippi and the Southeast. 

Cal Mayo

Now, the firm is merging with the firm of Corlew, Munford & Smith and adding three of its attorneys to the Mayo Mallette team. The attorneys will work together out of Mayo Mallette’s new office in Jackson.  

“We have always represented a wide array of clients in Jackson, Hattiesburg and on the Gulf Coast,” said Cal Mayo, a founding partner at Mayo Mallette. “The addition of three talented attorneys, combined with a greater physical presence in the Jackson area, will help us stay even more engaged with the capital city while we continue to support our clients and build new relationships.” 

John G. Corlew

Mayo Mallette specializes in complex civil, trial, and appellate litigation, as well as governmental, corporate, educational, construction, immigration, and real estate law. The firm has worked with nearly every college and university in the state and often represents various clients in both of Mississippi’s federal courts. 

“Mayo Mallette has already handled a substantial amount of litigation work in Jackson and Central Mississippi and having the Jackson office better enables the firm to serve that client base,” said John G. Corlew, a founding partner at Corlew, Munford & Smith. “We hope that our lawyers joining forces with theirs will help complement that work.” 

Corlew is a veteran Mississippi attorney who has represented both commercial and governmental clients in litigation for over half a century. His work for governmental clients is informed by his own tenure in the Mississippi Senate. Corlew will be of counsel for Mayo Mallette. 

Kathy K. Smith

Kathy K. Smith, a litigator with over 25 years of experience, also comes to Mayo Mallette from Corlew, Munford & Smith. Throughout her career, Smith has represented local and national clients in a wide range of complex cases, including several mass tort trials.  

“I have worked in the past with Mayo Mallette attorneys and have been impressed by their professionalism and knowledge,” Smith said. “I look forward to working with such experienced, dedicated, and thoughtful attorneys and utilizing those attributes for the benefit of clients.” 

Along with Corlew and Smith, Lynn Chain Wall will continue her litigation work at Mayo Mallette. A native of Oxford, Wall has practiced law in the state for over 20 years. 

“Lynn is an excellent lawyer, and it has been a pleasure to work with her over the last few years,” Corlew said. “I look forward to continuing to have the opportunity to do so at Mayo Mallette.” 

Lynn Chain Wall

The partnership brings together two of the state’s esteemed law firms. W. Wayne Drinkwater, a partner at Bradley in Jackson, has colleagues at both firms. He sees the merger as great news for Mississippi’s legal community.  

“It’s good for Mississippi for firms to grow and to gain expertise,” Drinkwater said. “Lawyers do a better job when they’re growing and working together.  

Breanna F. G. Young, who joined Mayo Mallette earlier this year, will also primarily work out of the Jackson office. Young is a graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Law. She previously worked for the Office of the United States Attorney and clerked for United States Magistrate Judge Jane Virdin. 

Breanna F.G. Young

“Breanna is an ambitious attorney dedicated to her clients,” said Pope Mallette, a founding partner at Mayo Mallette. “We are excited about what she brings to our new Jackson office and the firm in general.” 

Mayo Mallette’s attorneys will work regularly from both their Oxford and Jackson offices.  

Pope Mallette

“We will always be as present as possible for all of our clients,” Mayo said. “As the last year and a half has shown to many of us, that doesn’t always mean being physically in an office, but we believe having our attorneys work from both locations will continue to drive the collaborative atmosphere that has always allowed us to provide the most support for our clients.” 

Mayo Mallette’s Jackson office is located at 4400 Old Canton Road, Suite 150. To speak with one of our attorneys, call 601-366-1106.  

Courtesy of Red Window Communications