Sunday, May 22, 2022

OPD Offers Extra Patrols to Residents Leaving Town for the Holidays

By Alyssa Schnugg

News editor

Image via OPD

Statistically, burglaries in Oxford are most frequent during winter and summer breaks when people leave their houses and apartments unattended.

To help keep your home safe, the Oxford Police Department has implemented its OPD House Watch Program through the holiday season.

Residents can email OPD with their address, the dates they will be out of town and what type of vehicles should be in the driveway by 5 p.m. on Thursday and OPD will send extra patrols during the day and night to check on your home.

“We were trying to think of ways we could help prevent burglaries and raise awareness of home safety, said OPD Public Information Officer Breck Jones.

Jones said officers will check on the homes on the Watch List that are on their “beat” multiple times during their shift.

Along with registering for the Watch Program, residents can help protect their homes by leaving a light on and placing a hold on their mail or having a neighbor pick it up.

“Let your neighbor, or someone you trust, know that you’ll be out of town to let them watch your house for any suspicious activity,” Jones said. “If anything ever feels off, we encourage people to call us and we’ll get an officer to check on things.”

And most importantly, lock up your vehicles and all doors and windows on your home.

“About 80 percent of burglaries in Oxford come from unsecured property,” Jones said. “Burglars are looking for easy targets.”

To sign up for the Watch Program, email Jones at