Saturday, May 28, 2022

SHED Fitness Moves to New Location

By Alyssa Schnugg

News editor

From left: O’Keefe Grahan, Griffin Tanner, Robert Clark and Luke Chamblee are the owners of SHED Fitness that recently moved to a new location off University Avenue. Photo provided

SHED Fitness has a new location and a few new local owners who decided to buy the gym they all enjoyed working out in.

SHED was opened originally in 2019 on South Lamar Boulevard in Oxford by Amzie Williams a former University of Mississippi football play who felt a niche was missing in the high-intensity interval training fitness world.

Williams moved to Nashville where he owns several gyms as part of his Shed Fitness franchise. He continued to try to run the Oxford location from Nashville until he recently joined with four Oxford friends – Luke Chamblee, Robert Clark, Griffin Tanner and O’Keefe Graham who will all own and operate the Oxford location.

A SHED Fitness class at the new location.

The gym has recently opened at its new location at 1727 University Avenue, Suite E, in the shopping center with Little Caesar’s and Walk-On’s Sports Bixtreaux.

“We were all members of SHED and worked out in the gym consistently,” Graham said. “We are also friends. We felt by moving the gym and injecting some local ownership into the gym, we could grow and expand. This new location gives us more visibility in town.”

Classes at SHED are 40 percent cardio, 40 percent strength and 20 percent anaerobic strength.

“The anaerobic power is what separates SHED from other workout classes that generally push your aerobic heart rate,” Graham said.

Anaerobic exercises involve quick bursts of energy and are performed at maximum effort for a short time.

“Shed provides workouts that target certain muscle groups each day so one part of your body won’t get overworked,” Graham said. “We have a culture that thrives off of hard work and effort. At SHED, we love seeing our customers push and blow past their fitness goals.”

The new location not only makes SHED more visible but allows for more room.

“It’s a better overall workout atmosphere,” Graham said. “It also gives us a great outdoor running route as well as the chance to have some outdoor workout area.”

Membership costs $99 a month for students and $129 a month for adults. The first two weeks are free.

For more information about SHED, visit the SHED website and on social media at Instagram and Facebook. You can also find SHED Fitness Oxford on the Mindbody Fitness cellphone app.