Sunday, February 5, 2023

Carleigh’s Corner: Mask Changes on Valentine’s Day

By Carleigh Holt

HottyToddy Intern

Monday was historic for two reasons: Ole Miss lifted some mask mandates on campus, and it was Valentine’s Day. 

On Feb. 11, Chancellor Boyce sent an email to the Ole Miss campus offering guidance regarding the COVID-19 protocols. Many people have been looking forward to this email since spring 2020, which was the semester that I got sent back home after seven weeks on campus. Sometimes, I look back and think to myself, “If I only knew what was coming…” Lots of changes have been made since then. 

The email said, “Effective Monday, Feb. 14, 2022, the university will require face coverings only in instructional areas and healthcare settings, regardless of vaccination status.” I was interested to see how Monday would go after the message went out. 

Personally, not many things changed for me. I rode the bus, and I went to class. Masks are still required on buses and in classrooms. I did not go inside the Student Union on Monday to see if anyone was wearing a mask. But as I made my way from Farley Hall to the bus stop, I did see people in front of the Union handing out Valentine’s Day gifts. 

Valentine’s Day has traditions of celebrating love and last-minute shopping. Dinner reservations are made months in advance for lovers to celebrate their romance. Some girlfriends get together for Galentine’s. I am excited to go to stores on Feb. 15 to get discounted chocolates. This year my fiancé cooked for me, and we are going to go to a restaurant later to avoid the rush for dinner reservations on Valentine’s Day. 

Carleigh Holt and Damien Harbin celebrating Valentine’s Day.