Sunday, December 3, 2023

OPD, Gateway Launch Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Program

The Oxford Police Department announced a new partnership with Gateway Tire of Oxford to kick off a new crime prevention program in Oxford.

According to OPD, there has been an uptick in catalytic converter thefts across the country in recent years. OPD investigators Scott Hollowell and Mike Burks researched this trend and tried to come up with a solution to help prevent this occurrence in Oxford.  

Detective Hollowell and Detective Burks found a way to engrave identifying markers on catalytic converters at a minimal cost to any automotive shop in town. It is a way to tie a catalytic converter to a vehicle that it was stolen from and allows scrap metal vendors to identify if the converter had been stolen.  

“We’re very proud of Detective Hollowell and Detective Burks for their innovative efforts to help our community,” said OPD Chief Jeff McCutchen. “The Oxford Police Department prides itself in being on the cutting edge of crime prevention.”

OPD will be at Gateway Tire on Feb. 22 to help kick off this program. This service will be at no cost to the customers who have it done and Gateway will be offering it to any future customers moving forward.  

If any other local automotive shop would like to learn about this program or partner with OPD, reach out to OPD PIO Breck Jones at 

Courtesy of the Oxford Police Department