Monday, March 20, 2023

Carleigh’s Corner: Counting Down Weeks to Graduation

By Carleigh Holt Intern

Although Spring Break 2022 is over, many new opportunities await. Graduation is in double-digit days for the class of 2022, and the “real world” is expecting us. 

Spring Break was a good time to hang out with friends or family. Personally, it was very nice to not have two quizzes due on Monday or to watch hour-long lecture videos. 

There are about six weeks left in the semester counting finals week. Emotions are high as the semester ends for seniors. We have had to overcome obstacles in our education in the past two years that generations will hear about in history books. Many “lasts,” like sporting events or hanging out with out-of-state friends, are bittersweet. We had some opportunities taken away from us due to the pandemic, which makes our graduation more unusual.  

New opportunities lie ahead as some of us apply to pursue our education beyond a bachelor’s degree. Others are still waiting to see what job options are available—full-time job or even part-time. One topic that has been on my mind lately: Does the job market prefer more education or experience?

I have come to the conclusion that everybody has their own timeline and nobody’s is exactly the same. It’s not fair to judge somebody’s timeline against your own personal bias. 

I decided to further my education with a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications starting in the fall of 2. I felt like I was not done being an Ole Miss Rebel and that I had more to offer as a student since I only had one “real” year on campus. I feel like I just got started learning how to navigate campus and make new friends.