Tuesday, October 3, 2023

My Favorite (Affordable) Brands

By: Erin Foley

HottyToddy Fashion Contributor

With summer coming up, my peers have been asking me about which stores are the best for them to build their new summer wardrobe. So, it got me thinking. Let’s talk about the stores that are my go-to recommendations for others. In other words, the most affordable yet versatile stores I shop at. 

Firstly, there’s ASOS. It’s is a great option for women and men, which is rare nowadays. I love ASOS because of its wide range of sizes and prices. Their options also range the most in style; you can find anything in this store. Whether you’re looking for a ball gown or a bathing suit, you can find it in ASOS. 

Next comes a Oxford fan-favorite, T.J. Maxx/Marshalls. I love everything about these two stores because they offer different merchandise. TJ Maxx/Marshalls is the perfect way to return to the love of in-store shopping without breaking the bank. In fact, their prices are so low you might be tempted to put a huge dent into the bank. So, be careful.

Thirdly, the TikTok phenomenon that is Zara. Everyone loves Zara for their average prices and great quality. Unfortunately, the website is nearly impossible for shopping, and I’ve heard horror stories about in-store Zara shopping. Its lack of organization both online and in-store is concerning, but it is hard to ignore such great quality clothing at affordable prices. 

Second best is the underrated H&M. The perfect place for building your wardrobe, H&M often has the most basic clothing items (in the best way possible), but they’re available only in black, beige or white.  

Finally, my personal favorite, Aerie. I’m talking Aerie here, not American Eagle. Easily confused. Aerie has the cutest workout clothes, frequent sales and a versatile collection. Whether you’re looking for a bathing suit or a sundress, I promise Aerie has it for great quality. 

One of my favorite things about Aerie is that it releases new styles every season. You’ll never be bored shopping here, but you will be overwhelmed and spend a pretty penny. So be careful—it’s so easy to drop a lot of money on Aerie. 

Originally, I had wanted to tell you about five other brands that are more expensive but worth your money. However, I figure let’s not give you any ideas. At least, I know I don’t need it.