Sunday, April 2, 2023

Mississippi’s Allergy Season Could be Longer with Higher Pollen Counts

Pollen levels reported on fall on a 0-12 scale, zero being the lowest and 12 being the highest. Oxford was an 11 on Tuesday.

As springtime gets into full bloom, so does Mississippi’s relentless allergy season. And because of rising temperatures, we may be in for a longer and more intense season.

Mississippians are all too familiar with the trademark yellow haze that engulfs the landscape throughout the spring, and, oftentimes, into the summer months.

Pollen is the leading culprit behind allergy triggers in the spring, and if you feel like your symptoms are getting worse, the reason may be due to rising temperatures.

Recent studies have indicated that we could see allergy season begin 40 days earlier and last 19 days longer by the end of this century due to increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. 

“Because Mississippians are so eager to enjoy the warmer temperatures outside, it’s easy to forget how miserable allergies can make them when they aren’t prepared,” said Mississippi Asthma & Allergy specialist, Dr. Brittany Hines. “We commonly see an influx of cases at our clinics of new patients dealing with allergies due to springtime allergens common in Mississippi.” 

With the severity and duration of these springtime allergens growing, it is vital that individuals, especially those sensitive to pollen, take measures to manage their symptoms.

Practical tips for combating allergies include wearing a mask when coming into contact with allergens, showering and changing clothes after coming indoors, and allergy trigger avoidance, altogether. 

Other forms of treatment are provided by professional allergists and immunologists such as those at the Mississippi Asthma & Allergy Clinic.

“Subcutaneous Immunotherapy is a big part of how we help patients combat allergies in our state,” said Dr. Winn Walcott. “Allergy shots have helped thousands of our patients build up their tolerance to common allergens and decrease their symptoms, letting them get back to enjoying life outdoors.” 

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