Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Lafayette County School District Board Adds Three New Positions

By Alyssa Schnugg

News editor


The Lafayette County School District Board approved adding an additional three positions to its staff during its regular meeting Monday evening.

Superintendent Jay Foster asked the Board to consider hiring an additional high school science teacher.

“That was actually approved last year but we didn’t fill it,” he told the Board.

A second position is for a Vice Principal for the Upper Elementary School. Foster said the person who would fill the new job would assist current Principal Thomas Tillman by focusing on the sixth-grade building.

“(Tillman) is having to go back and forth several times a day,” Foster said. “I just feel like we need some help there.”

The third requested position would be for a Federal Funds Director, a full-time position where the person would focus on finding and applying for federal grants and funding.

Board Member Mike Gooch said he wasn’t against the new positions but had some concerns.

“I believe if you say you need something, you need it,” Gooch said to Foster. “My concern is the money.”

Foster said all three positions would cost the district about $230,000 annually, taking into consideration benefits.

“I think we’ve shown we can handle the costs for those positions,” Foster said.

Director of Financial Services Bryan White assured the Board the district could afford the three new positions.

Board Member Kathy Babb Worley said since the Federal Funds Director’s job would be to find more money for the district, the job could almost pay for itself.

After a brief discussion, the Board unanimously approved the three new positions.