Sunday, April 2, 2023

Carleigh’s Corner: Finals, Graduation and “Real World” Approaching

By: Carleigh Holt Intern

I have tried to ignore that my senior year at Ole Miss is coming to an end. Even though I have only really been on campus for a year, it still feels bittersweet. I know that I am ready to get weekly quizzes over with, but I am not ready to say goodbye to many other things. 

Although I am not in the same boat as most seniors who have been here for four years or more, I still feel like a “sappy senior.” I’m excited to receive my cap and gown, and to take graduation pictures in front of the Lyceum, the Grove and Farley Hall, just like other students I’ve seen taking graduation photos or group photos with their friends on campus. 

The excitement and the sadness of graduation comes with finals week approaching. I have learned from my college career that finals week is the most dreaded week of the semester, and many students are on edge to get those final points for a desired grade. 

My finals are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday, two weeks from now, with both being comprehensive tests. After the last final is over, I will be anxiously checking my Blackboard constantly for an updated grade because it will not be automatically graded. 

My graduation is on Friday night, so I’m feeling some pressure and slightly dreading that week. Although I’m nervous about the finals part of graduation week, I’m looking forward to it also.

I’m ready to hear my name called and walk across the stage. A new chapter in my life will be written and I can’t wait to see what the future holds in the “real world.”