Thursday, July 7, 2022

Oxford Leaders Approve New Zoning for Future Medical Marijuana Facilities

By Alyssa Schnugg

News editor

The Oxford Board of Aldermen approved an amendment Tuesday to its Land Development Code that sets zoning for where future cannabis cultivation facilities and dispensaries will be allowed to be built inside the city limits for the state’s new Medical Cannabis Progam.

A public hearing and second reading were held Tuesday during the Board’s regular meeting. No one from the public asked to speak.

Cannabis cultivation facilities are allowed by Special Use in Industry (IND) zones and by special exceptions in Traditional Neighborhood Business (TNB), Suburban Corridor (SCO), Suburban Center (SCN), Urban Corridor (UCO) and Urban Center (UCN) districts.

Dispensaries are allowed by special use in TNB, SCO, SCN, UCO, UCN and IND.

Processing facilities would be allowed by special use in IND and via special exception in TNB, SCO, SCN, UCO and ICN.

Cannabis research facilities are allowed as a special use in SCO, SCN, UCO, UCN and IND districts and via special exception in TNB.

Cannabis Testing Facility are allowed by Special Use in IND; Special Exception in TNB, SCO, SCN, UCO, and UCN; Special Use in SCO, SCN, UCO, UCN and IND; and Special Exception in TNB.

Cannabis Transportation Facilities are allowed by Special Use in IND; Special Exception in TNB, SCO, SCN, UCO, and UCN.

Dispensaries, cultivation (growing) and other medical marijuana-related businesses also have additional requirements and standards including providing odor prevention plans to mitigate odor from leaving the building.

Dispensaries cannot be located closer than 1,500 feet from another dispensary nor closer than 1,000 feet from a church, school or daycare.

Anyone wanting to open any type of medical marijuana business or cultivation facility would need to get approved and receive a license from the state of Mississippi prior.

Any business site plan would still be reviewed by the city planning department and potentially the Planning Commission and Board of Aldermen.

Mayor Robyn Tannehill said she’s received several inquiries from people wanting to open dispensaries but has not received any comments with concerns on the ordinance amendment.

The Board passed the changes unanimously. The new zoning will go into effect in 30 days.

Click here to read the complete proposed modifications to the Land Development Code.

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