Friday, December 8, 2023

Man Charged with Animal Cruelty After SnapChat Video Surfaces of Slain Kittens

The Oxford Police Department, with help from the Grenada Police Department, arrested a man Tuesday who allegedly filmed himself killing four kittens and posting it on his Snapchat social media account.

Carl Travis Jr.

According to a press release from the In Defense of Animals organization, an animal advocacy organization, Campaign Director Doll Stanley received a video late Monday with an urgent request for help for the arrest of Carl D. Travis Jr., who had posted the video of the kitten killings on Snapchat.

The kittens were allegedly killed in Oxford, although Travis lives in Grenada.

Travis, 18, was taken into custody on Tuesday by officers with the Grenada Police Department and charged with animal cruelty.

In cooperation with the Oxford Police Department, the Grenada Police Department served the arrest warrant secured in Oxford.

Travis is currently being held at the Lafayette County Detention Center on a $5,000 bond. 

Three of the seven kittens in the video are now safe. 

“We’re grateful for the officers in Grenada and Oxford who worked together to arrest the person responsible for this horrific crime and for the concerned person who brought this to our attention,” Stanley said. “Since any vulnerable member of our community could be the next victim of an animal abuser, we urge the presiding justice to apply the law thoroughly and assess the perpetrator for psychological treatment.”

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