Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Importance of the Sunday Reset

By Kenlee McDaniel 

IMC Student

Almost every person in my life is overworked, overtired and overstressed. So much so that at my house, we take every Sunday to “reset” ourselves and our lives. 

Monday through Saturday it is go, go, go, especially for most college students I know: full-time classes, part-time jobs, involvement in clubs and Greek life, all on top of trying to be a normal young adult who also wants to enjoy this part of their life. It makes for an exhausting schedule. 

Since our lives are so crazy every single day of the week, my roommates and I make sure that our “Sunday resets” are used to prepare for whatever chaos the upcoming week might hold. 

Church, household deep cleaning, loads of laundry, grocery shopping, longer showers, meal prepping and scheduling for the week are all parts of what make our Sundays so productive and reset us for the week ahead. There’s also rest and relaxation, considering that does not come around often. 

Our favorite Sunday activity, though? Euphoria nights. After a day of preparing as much as one can for the week, we all love to make dinner—or more often get takeout—and sit down together to enjoy an episode of one of our favorite shows, Euphoria.

This is how we reset ourselves mentally. We have taken time to prepare for the week, so now we relax and enjoy the company of one another, while just taking a moment to breathe before the busyness sets in again. 

I love my Sundays simply for all that I can do to get ready for the new week, while still finding time for myself. In between all the preparation, I love to take a power nap or watch Tik Tok and lay in bed. For me, the productivity of the day is so balanced with relaxation, because the tasks at hand are not hard or strenuous. They are the ones I actually enjoy doing. 

Monday to Saturday, I feel like I run around like a chicken with my head cut off. So, to no surprise, I am thankful for Sundays and the ability to reset myself and my life before that chaotic feeling slowly creeps its way back in. Because come the following Sunday, I am ready for that “resetting” feeling all over again.