Saturday, February 4, 2023

City to Save Stone Park Pavillion – For Now

By Alyssa Schnugg

News editor

The pavilion at Stone Park was spared demolition Tuesday when the Oxford Board of Aldermen voted to save the structure and spend the funds necessary to repair it.

The city of Oxford will spend $7.7K to repair the Stone Park Pavillion. Photo via Google

According to City Engineer Reanna Mayoral, the city hired structural engineer Mark Watson to provide design plans to stabilize the pavilion.

Quotes were received and the lowest and best bid was $7,700.

The repairs will include new posts, diagonal bracing and a beam.

Mayoral told the Board that if they did not want to repair the pavilion — since it might eventually be removed to make room for a new city swimming pool — she recommended getting bids to have the pavilion demolished.

It will be at least a year, if not longer before the city moves forward with the construction of a new pool, Mayoral said, and in that time, the pavilion could continue to serve the Oxford community.

“It was rented nine times in 2021 and nine times in 2022 from January to July,” she said. “That doesn’t include the schools, other organizations and people who just want a place to sit while at the park.”

The Board unanimously voted to accept the $7.7K bid to repair the pavilion.