Saturday, February 4, 2023

Oxford Food Pantry Prepping for the Holidays

By Cameron Hass

Journalism Student

With the Holiday season upon us, the Oxford food pantry is busy helping those need. This time of year, the Pantry experiences an increased number of families who come through their doors, so they need all the help they can get. 

This year the pantry has faced some struggles this due to a rise in the number families that need to be fed and the cost of food because of inflation. As a result of the struggles, they have had to buy a lot of the food themselves recently.

Carol Wedge, Pantry manager said, “The numbers are going up and we don’t have as much food as we used to. So, we’re buying more, so our balance on our checking book is getting low.”

Wedge has been volunteering at the pantry for 18 years and the reward she gets from doing this work has remained. Wedge tells people, “The more you do something for people, I think the more it makes you feel well.”

This time of year, is when the pantry receives the most donations, however they encourage those to donate what they can, since the extra help is always needed. They take simple food donations such as cans, cereal boxes, noodles, and they accept checks as well.