Friday, February 3, 2023

Lafayette County Firefighters Responded to Three Cold-Related Fires This Weekend

By Alyssa Schnugg

News editor

The Lafayette County Fire Department responded to CR 212 this weekend for a chimney fire. Photo provided by the LCFD

The Lafayette County Fire Department responded to three structure fires over the weekend that were related to the arctic blast that caused temperatures to plummet into the single digits.

The LCFD responded to one fire where a space heater was being used to thaw out a well house on County Road 424 and caught the well house on fire.

There were two calls for fireplace/chimney fires – one on County Road 212 and one in the Oxmoor subdivision.

According to Lafayette County Public Information Officer Beau Moore, firefighters were able to control the fire on CR 212 and no damage was caused to the fireplace or the house.

However, the fire in Oxmoor went through the subfloor.

“Firefighters had to cut out part of the subfloor to locate the fire and then they were able to extinguish it,” Moore said. “This is why we recommend that people get their fireplace and chimney inspected every year by a reputable chimney sweep.”

Moore said there were no injuries reported at the three fires.

Firefighters have also responded to multiple emergency water cutoffs due to pipes freezing and bursting.

“That is why it’s a good plan to understand where the water cutoff is to your home so you can stop it before too much damage can be done to your home,” Moore said.

Residents should continue to drip their faucets tonight and Tuesday night when temperatures are expected to be in the low 20s overnight.