Monday, March 27, 2023

Oxford, UM Education Leaders Featured in New Book on Improving Education

The Carnegie Foundation is soon publishing its latest work on school improvement, and in its pages are contributions from the Oxford School District and the University of Mississippi. 

“Improving America’s Schools Together: How District-University Partnerships and Continuous Improvement Can Transform Education” is the first definitive text on continuous improvement in school district-university partnerships, covering improvement methods, theory, research, and actual cases across the country with practical improvement tools that can be adapted to any setting.

Through an array of in-depth stories of district-university partnerships, the book aims to demonstrate how improvement science — as a shared method — can guide institutions of higher education and their local education agency partners to enact the types of infrastructures that foster leaders and educators capable of enhancing students’ learning outcomes and opportunity structures.

The book highlights the advantageous partnership between the University of Mississippi School of Education and the Oxford School District.

Contributors to this work are Dr. David Rock, dean of the School of Education and professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Mississippi; Denise Soares, assistant dean and director of Graduate Studies; Mark Deschaine, associate professor of Educational Leadership; Bradley Roberson, OSD Superintendent; Brian Harvey, former OSD Superintendent; and Marni Herrington, OSD Chief Academic Officer.

“Improving America’s Schools Together”  is expected to be published on April 1.

Courtesy of the OSD