Monday, March 27, 2023

LC Supers Change Location of District Voting Precinct

By Alyssa Schnugg

News editor

District 3 voters can now vote in upcoming elections at the Oxford Activity Center. Photo from OPC website

One of the voting precincts for Lafayette County residents living in District 3 has changed.

On Tuesday, the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors voted to approve changing the precinct for District 3 from the Stone Center to the Oxford Activity Center.

“We have a couple of issues out there,” said District 3 Supervisor David Rikard. “In the afternoon, when school lets out, there is a traffic issue. Parking is limited and just trying to get into the parking lot — if you don’t angle your car just right, it’s terrible on a vehicle.”

Circuit Court Clerk Jeff Busy and Election Commission Lola Pearson assisted Rikard in getting the precinct place relocated to the Oxford Activity Center in the original building on the Oxford Park Commission campus.

“This will alleviate all those issues we currently have,” Rikard said.

Folks who live in District 3 should receive an updated voting card in the mail with the new precinct location.

Oxford officials approved the use of the Activity Center, according to Rikard.