Saturday, June 10, 2023

MDWFP Dispatched Officers Across MS in the Wake of Severe Tornadoes

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Conservation officers were deployed to communities throughout Mississippi in response to the severe weather and tornadoes that shook the state.

On Saturday, MDWFP’s Special Response Team was deployed to Rolling Fork and Amory to assist first responders in search and rescue efforts.  

MDWFP partnered with state and local first responders for search and rescue during and after the storm. Officers have now shifted into a security role to assist the residents, volunteers and personnel. 

“It is a powerful thing to watch as communities, volunteers, and first responders come together to support each other in times of great need,” said Lynn Posey, executive director of MDWFP. “We are committed to utilizing our resources to lend a hand during the immediate hours of the recovery process. Our thoughts and prayers go to these communities in the days coming as they continue to rebuild,”

For more information regarding MDWFP’s SRT efforts, visit or call (601) 432-2400. Follow us on Facebook at or on Twitter at

Staff report