Monday, May 29, 2023

OMS Ceramic Class Answers Call for Help for Empty Bowl Fundraiser

Katrina Harris’ eighth-grade ceramic class at Oxford Middle School. Photo provided

When Katrina Harris’ eighth-grade ceramic class at Oxford Middle School was asked if they would be willing to help the Pantry, they said quickly said “yes.”

Specifically, the request was for bowls – soup bowls for next winter’s Empty Bowls event.

The event is the Pantry’s only big fundraiser, and its proceeds are a major part of the Pantry’s community resources.

Area restaurants donate their signature soups, and a ticket to Empty Bowls includes soup, bread, water, and a bowl.

Harris’ class, working during their 45-minute art class, has provided more than 60 bowls thus far for the event.

The procedure, as they themselves described it, requires several class periods and considerable skill. Each bowl is unique, in vibrant and varied colors and shapes, plain and decorated, fluted and smooth.

“But, best of all, done with care and kindness by this group of future high-schoolers and their excellent teacher,” said Pantry volunteer Monte Ochs.

Harris is retiring this month, and said she will miss the school and her classes very much indeed.

We are sure that the feeling will be mutual,” Ochs said. “The sincerest thanks of the Pantry of Oxford go to her and the stupendous third-period ceramics class.

Anyone with ceramic skills who could make bowls for the Empty Bowls event, or who would like to help in other ways, please contact Monte Ochs at