Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Cocktail Watch: The Mamie

The MamieTry peach-infused bourbon with breakfast, once in a Blue Moon

By Tad Wilkes

One of Oxford’s best-kept secrets is the fact that instead of waiting a while with the crowd outside Big Bad Breakfast on a Saturday morning, you can slip into Snackbar, sit at the bar, and order your breakfast from an abbreviated version of the BBB menu—and have a cocktail to boot.

After enjoying your initial Bloody Mary or Mimosa, branch out and give the Mamie a try. This refreshing and rightly tart tipple is on the Snackbar spring cocktail menu.

Ingredients: Shandy of Peach-Infused Bourbon, Lemon, Turbinado Syrup, Blue Moon Belgian White beer, and a pickled peach garnish.